Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow this year has flown by!

This weekend it hit me that Christmas is only 2 months away.  This is the time when all the crafty people start figuring out what to make everyone so we have time to make it!  Of course a few projects end up being last minute but cute none the less. 

 I was browsing through my pattern book and realized I have a lot of patterns bought on a whim but I've yet to try them out.  I decided to try out a notebook slipcover pattern I bought a few months ago.   I'm loving the PDF pattern boom on Etsy.  You can find a lot of really cute patterns with pictures!  Practicing with patterns like this helps me move through the sewing process easier because I know I'm doing it right along the way. 

The pattern is from Virginia Lindsay's Etsy store.  Her blog, Gingercake, is great too!

Lovely!  I'm putting this one on the list for crafty Christmas presents. 

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