Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween 2010

This is that one time a year when red eye from a photo is OK!  We had a great time this Halloween!  I decided to be a Voodoo Doll and Michael was the Witch Doctor.  

I made my dress out of burlap and a few scraps from the basket.  Super easy!  All I did was lay an old dress down on top of the burlap and cut out the silhouette for the front and back pieces. 

  Half inch strips were cut and zigzag stitched down the center to keep it from fraying too much.  The strips were sewn onto the edges, front and back locations matching.  The shoulders were sewn together.  The neck and arm holes were altered here with a pair of scissors.  

My friend did my hair and makeup.  Thanks Jill!  Our costumes were definitely conversation starters.  
Good times!

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  1. OOOOHH SOOOO SPOOKY! I love it. You are definitely a frenzied artists!!