Thursday, April 1, 2010

About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting!
Frenzied Artists was founded to help women be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.  Utilizing quality components such as sterling silver, crystal, glass, gemstones and designer fabrics, Frenzied Artists offers an array of classic yet unique looks that can be worn everyday.
Our handmade jewelry, handbags and accessories will give you the pleasure of owning something that will become part of you and your daily life. Our innovative craftsmanship will give you the assurance to stand proud and feel great at any occasion, whether you’re going on a job interview, attending a glamorous party, a date night, or just hanging out with friends.  These pieces of art will make a stunning fashion statement and will set you apart from the crowd.  Frenzied Artists takes pride in offering solutions to the everyday dilemma of “I have nothing to wear!” or “What do I buy her?”  With our classic pieces you can spice up that little black dress or even update a sweater from last season.  Feeling good about yourself everyday not only puts a sparkle in your eye, but adds confidence when you need that extra little boost.

How Frenzied Came To Be!
Frenzied Artists was founded in 2007 by Sandra Burris, and her daughters’ Christina Harper and Natalie Harper Yesayan. The launching of Frenzied Artists became their lifelong dream come true!

Mother-daughter time was never an issue with this family, as they always enjoyed bouncing ideas and designs off of each other to create the perfect pieces of art. Today, instead of working from “Mom's Studio,” they travel to three studios across North Carolina to creatively collaborate throughout the year.

They have been creating and crafting for over twenty years using materials ranging from paint, clay, fabric, gemstones, crystals, and everything in between! As requests for their creations began to grow rapidly throughout each of their circles, they decided it was time to show their uniquely, handcrafted creations to the world.  So, what better way to reach all of you lovely people than through the World Wide Web.  With individual studios located throughout the state, they continue to meet regularly, to “dream up” their new and exciting creations!  They have also turned their girl trips into Frenzied Artists retreats, which they do throughout the year for creative inspiration.