Friday, June 4, 2010

Imagine That...grrr!! Christina told me all about the Blog and at first I was But now that I've got all my little fun projects going on and I've dusted off my old camera, I'm excited to post the things that I'm doing and take pics of my progress. I can't find the freakin' cord to upload the pics from my camera to my computer. I've searched high and all of Greg's boxes and boxes and boxes of cords and cables and still nothing! Who wants to make a post without a fun picture (hence the bestbuy logo...smiles!) Therefore...unfortunately I have to wait until tomorrow to make a trip to Best Buy after work to pick up an xD-picture card reader.

All that being said, I just couldn't go to bed without posting something...even if I am venting...just a bit. I'm sure you will find in time that I may tend to rant about things...sometimes, well...lets be honest...sometimes often. :) heart is finally content with just this little baby post...just wait until I have my card reader!
night all! - nat

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